Our Mission

We provide data and Insights that
help healthcare practitioners, administrators, policymakers, and manufacturers
create a more financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable health care system.

US healthcare services are one of the most costly in the world, but for all our spending, we typically underperform relative to other high-income countries. Hospitals are one of the largest energy consumers and waste generators in the US. This consumption in the healthcare sector is responsible for 10% of the US’s total greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and 9% of criteria air pollutants.

Healthcare organizations are beginning their sustainability journeys by monitoring energy use, implementing green building design, and creating better food services but there has been an absence of research and data-driven guidelines relating to direct clinical care.

Environmentally-based efficiency measures are expected to save hospitals and healthcare facilities a substantial amount of money. Yet, we need to develop a comprehensive approach to our emissions-scoping analyses, further develop our tools and methods to better account for medical processes and supplies, and better leverage human innovation to create better services and products.

This is what the Clinically Sustainable Consulting LLC does.

Clinically Sustainable Consulting LLC signed on to the White House Climate Pledge in April 2023. See our commitment here.

Infographic created by academic research intern Yiming Huang, 2020.

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