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Sustainability Journey.


Sustainability Analytics

Starting a sustainability journey requires data. We assist companies and hospitals in selecting appropriate metrics, collecting and analyzing data, and integrating this into management practice. In particular, we provide analytic support and guidance for product and procedure-level life cycle assessments (LCA), greenhouse gas reporting, waste auditing, and ESG reporting (environmental, social, and governmental).

Strategy Development & Review

Given the urgency of the climate crisis, every player in the healthcare space – from health system to manufacturing company – should develop a sustainability strategy and clearly identify performance targets. With considerable knowledge about healthcare emissions and sustainability strategies, Clinically Sustainable Consulting LLC can help guide or review these strategies.

Sales & Marketing Guidance

Medical device manufacturers tend to be new to sustainability. It can be really difficult to create a story that shares your journey without green-washing. Clinically Sustainable Consulting LLC offers technical review of products or services to identify marketing approaches. We coach sales teams on accurately portraying new products so sales aligns with a company’s environmental goals.

Training for Sustainability

We offer lectures, courses, bootcamps and seminars – whatever duration and style your team needs to learn what they need to know about sustainability. We have trained executive teams on sustainability for businesses, presented Grand Rounds lectures on greening operating rooms, and workshopped with R&D teams on sustainable and circular design principles.


I know what I have learned from you will carry into my future, so thank you again.

Riya Patel, NYU

Let’s make healthcare more sustainable, together.

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